The Northern Colorado Sports Officials is an organization created to streamline the training, scheduling, and compensation for sports officials in the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor areas. By consolidating all officials into one group, and then contracting with the various local athletic organizations, NCSO more efficiently trains and schedules officials, and distributes payments from all of those local groups in the form of one weekly check.

The NCSO is administrated by Sean Grogan. In addition to being an umpire in the area for seventeen years, Sean is the area director for the Colorado High School Baseball Umpires Association. Sean also schedules Triple Crown Baseball tournaments in the state, along with scheduling the prestigious Triple Crown World Series in Steamboat Springs every year. Sean has also been a basketball official, sanctioned by the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials, and the National Federation of High Schools. Sean got his start in officiating when in high school doing little league baseball and has since worked state, regional, and national championships at all levels of youth and high school play.

The NCSO is committed to the standards of ethical behavior and the spirit of fair play, and believes that no other activity teaches the fundamentals of important life skills than organized athletics. Sports officials, as role models and as arbiters of the rules and traditions of sports, play a critical role in forming the face of athletic competition, allowing the participants to grow-in skill and in character- while ensuring a safe and fair contest for all involved.

The NCSO invites all officials, regardless of ability or experience, to join this growing and unique organization. This web site offers much more in the way of information regarding the NCSO. Please take the time to tour it, and to contact NCSO if you have any questions. Simply hit the contact button on the home page.