Payment Holds

Below is a list of individuals that curently have a payment hold. We need either a W9 form or Direct Deposit form or Both. It can take up to 6 business day for you information to clear once we have it.
Addington, Owen
Aguilar, Enrigue
Anderson, Hannah
Baer, Coby
Bailey, Matthew
Blaszkiewicz, Stefani
Burns, Joe
Chappell, Alexander
Christensen, Andrew
Davis, Will
DeServi, Marc
Donaldson, Jacob
George, Emma
Grose, Clark
Grossman, Harlan
Hay, Drew
Heppner, Jack
Horrocks, Chloe
Hunter , Lydia
Hymel, Corban
Hymel, Isaac
Jones, Frank
Jones, Mike
Krenning, Troy
Lozano, Rose
Madrid, John
Manutes, Zoe
Manzanares, Michael
Marques, Ruben
Martinez, Joseph
McLane, Erich
Meeker, Cade
Neuse, Micah
Oakes, Jarrett
Perrin, Joe
Phillips, Josie
Pyrchalla, Troy
Sejera, Kristen
Shannon, Jacob
Smith, Zoe
Snively, Leslie
Stallings, Joshua

To get your payment released you can fill this information out online(log in and go under members and then My Payment information) or you can print and send in the forms below. The address is listed on the bottom of the Direct Deposit Authorization form.